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For members of the military and their spouses, divorce is filled with challenges. How does the case proceed when one spouse is on active duty? What needs to be done to ensure a fair division of property, including military retirement accounts? How can child custody be arranged fairly when one spouse is stationed out of state or overseas?

At the Laubach Law Office, we are uniquely positioned to handle military divorce cases. Not only do we have more than 21 years of family law experience, but our founding attorney, Dawn Laubach, has also served in the military for more than two decades. Her military service has taken her from serving domestically with the Army 3/9 Aviation Battalion to serving overseas in the Army 4th Aviation Regiment to working in the Army Judge Advocate General's Corps. She understands military life, because she has been there.

Our depth of legal and military knowledge has made us a go-to law firm for military personnel and spouses in San Antonio, throughout Texas and nationwide. Even our peers in the legal community turn to us for help in these complex cases, and we are frequently called upon by other lawyers to assist with military divorce cases.

Overcoming The Challenges Of Military Divorce

The first hurdle that needs to be overcome is the logistics of dealing with a divorce when one spouse is in the military and stationed overseas or out of state. We know how to effectively maintain channels of communication in these unique situations.

One of the biggest concerns in these cases is child custody and visitation arrangements. Courts favor arrangements that are in the best interest of the child, and that typically means that the child needs to maintain strong relationships with both parents. How is that accomplished when one spouse may seem to be constantly on the move due to military duty? There are actually many options, and our experience in this unique type of divorce means we know what they are. We know what the law allows, and we are willing to get creative with parenting plans in order to preserve the bond between parents and children.

As in all divorces, property division is another important issue. The distinction is that in military divorce cases, there is one unique piece of property: the military pension or retirement account. This is subject to division under Texas law. However, there are very specific rules about the method that is used to distribute this asset. Division may require a military pension division order (MPDO), a unique document similar to a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO). We are skilled in the creation of these important documents.

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We represent members of the military in military law matters such as courts martial, as well as all other legal matters, including military divorce. Our founding attorney, Dawn Laubach, has served in the military, on either active duty or reserve, for more than two decades. We are well-respected in both the legal community and the military community.